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A Rare Experience in Durham, UK

Nobody in the world that has never heard of the place named United Kingdom, but not all of them know what United Kingdom really is. United Kingdom is not really a country, as it is more of a union that consists of several countries. However, it can still be called as a country to prevent confusion among the tourists who come to this region. This union has been form hundreds of years ago and it is also known as the short-form name, Britain or Great Britain. However, Britain does not represent all of the countries in the union where Ireland is excluded, leaving only England, Wales and Scotland.

To know more on the history of United Kingdom and why the union was made a couple of centuries ago, you can come to the museums that are scattered all over the country. United Kingdom is a big island, so the best way to get inside the country is by airplanes. There are many airports in United Kingdom that handles international flights so you can rest assured that tickets to this country will never be sold out. If you need a car for moving around, you can always use the amazingly cheap car hire UK services that are available at all airports in the country.

If you fancy taking a trip to the road less travelled, you can go to the city of Durham which is located in a country with the same name. It is located to the north east of England and some of the nearby cities here are Sunderland and Newcastle Upon Tyne. Durham is popularly known as a place to see the magnificent cathedral here. Durham Cathedral is a historic structure where it was built close to one thousand years ago, and you will be able to see the Romanesque architectural style that made the cathedral special.

The cathedral has three towers in total and you can go to the top of the tower to see the magnificent view here. As the tower is quite high, you will climb a total of 325 steps to go to the top, but all your hard work and sweat will be worth it after you see the greatest view on top of the tower. From the top, you will be able to see the whole city of Durham from a bird eye’s view and this is truly a spectacular sight. Durham is a popular town among the less popular places to be in United Kingdom but it is still a great venue for your holiday if you prefer a place with less tourists.

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