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Loi Krathong Floating Festival in Thailand


I was checking my notifications and news feeds from my Facebook account today when I saw the newly uploaded photos from my friend who currently lives in Thailand. She posted some photos of beautiful flowers floating on the water. It looks like a festival and I got curious about it until I found out the meaning of this traditional festival in Thailand.

It is called Loi Krathong and it is a special day when Thais pay respect to the goddess of the waters by floating candlelit offerings on any and all waterways around the place. Loi Krathong is celebrated during the full moon of the 12th month in the Thai lunar calendar and usually falls in November in western Gregorian calendar. This year, it was celebrated today, Wednesday, 28th of November 2012. Loi Krathong is actually a popular festival in Thailand with many locals and visitors who are joining the celebration. 

Our Travel to Switzerland Soon

Almost every one of us dreams of a tour or travel to Switzerland at least once in a lifetime. We greatly thanked God for the awesome favor and opportunity because my family and I are going to spend our holiday in Switzerland. My mom and her boyfriend invited us to spend a holiday for three months in their place so we could tour around and see the beauty of Schweiz.

The landscaped mountains, verdant greens and endless natural beauty, Switzerland is indeed a virtual paradise on earth. Who doesn’t love to stay in a peaceful, quiet and beautiful scenery like this?


Did you know that it is the most wanted tourist destination for honeymooners who look for serenity and magnificence at the same time? The culture of Switzerland is diversity at its best. A conglomeration of French, German and Italian cultures, this is what allures the tourists from all over the world. When you travel to Switzerland it simply means that you get to unravel a fine blend of natural beauty with historical sites and cosmopolitan city culture.


We would like to see the must-see places during our travel to Switzerland and take a photo of its picturesque mountains. We would also love to visit Zurich, Bern and other sophisticated and modish urbanized cities around Switzerland. The numerous forts, castles, cathedrals, and historic monuments that they have are such a great combination of modern lifestyle and medieval architectural beauty which definitely makes our travel to Switzerland more desirable. Woohoo! Were so excited already and we just can’t wait for our holiday! ^_^

Travel Attractions of the Week: Milan, Italy

Every week I am going to feature different tourist attractions, nice scenery and views from different countries which was visited by my family and friends. Since I am just a virtual traveler this time, I asked permission from them to post their travel photos here in my travel blog. All their photos are credited from them and I’d like to thank them for being so kind and so supportive to me.

For this week I am featuring the beautiful city of Milan, Italy which was visited by my friend who works as a cabin crew of Emirates airlines. She was so blessed in having this kind of job because she has the chance to travel around the world  and visit many beautiful countries and nice places just like Milan.  It is a city that is rich in style and fashion. Not just that, it  also comes with more than its fair share of leading tourist attractions. When you first arrive in Milan, do treat yourself to a guided tour of the city, whether on foot or by bus so that you can see what attractions are on offer and where exactly they are located.

Daily walking tours in Milan are popular for tourists as it takes in many of the city’s most interesting attractions and landmarks.  You should visit The Teatro alla Scala opera house since it is particularly a notable place of interest in the city. There are also many palaces of Milan, such as the Palazzo Borromeo, the Palazzo Marino and the Palazzo Real, amongst many others. Further tourist attractions within the city include the Meazza Stadium, the Rotonda della Besana and the Giuseppe Verdi Music Conservatory. Shows and event are also taking place at the enormous Fiera di Milano Trade Fair complex.

Milan features a wide range of attractions to suit the tastes of all tourists. Its old and impressive structures really amazed me. This is actually the most visited landmarks of the city. I would love to see the Duomo Cathedral and Santa Maria delle Grazie church where da Vinci painted his major “The Last Supper” masterpiece as well as the beautiful sculptures and architectures  as we contemplate the beauty of Milan’s heritage.

I also love to visit The Teatro alla Scala since it is a symbol of Milan where it is  famous for high fashion, celebrities, glamorous parties and some of the world’s best operatic performances.  I haven’t seen a  major opera house yet that is why I would love to see and witness the realm of classical music when we got the chance to  visit Milan on our Europe trip soon. My friend also told me that we should visit Piazza Duomo because we can visit those luxurious shops and charming restaurants with inviting settings and excellent cuisine.

Travel with Style

Don’t know what to wear for your travel? You can actually travel with style while still being comfortable. With a few key pieces and a streamlined strategy, you can look chic and comfy! Take a look at my mom’s  recent travel fashion and clothing style from the photos above.

When you struggle in finding what to wear for your vacation, you can  simplify it. Just remember that comfort is the key. Look for fabric that stretch like cotton or blends for your casual, warm-weather travel.Shorts and tops or skirts and tanks make an easy daytime uniform. Take a few extra tank tops to layer or to wear on their own. A bolero in basic black or white can be tossed around the shoulders, layered over a Tshirt or tank dress, or worn alone with dressy pants for dinner.

Accessories is also a must have.  Just leave your expensive jewelry at home and buy some local treasures. If you are in the islands, add a recently purchased coral necklace or straw bangle bracelets. Dress like yourself. Vacations might seem ideal for trying a new look  but don’t be tempted to vary too far from your style. Not only will you feel uncomfortable, you’ll waste lots of space and time with clothes you won’t like wearing.

So are you excited about your holiday travel now? Well, don’t groan… just think of it as a chance to play with some vacation fashion. What could be better than a break from everyday monotony and some genuine chances to rock new styles? Just don’t forget your adorable luggage to compliment your gorgeous look.


The City Where I Live


This week’s featured theme from Tuesday Travels is your Town/City (where you live now)

Welcome to Cagayan de Oro City! and yes its my city where I’m presently residing right now. It is popularly known as the City of Golden Friendship and it is the gateway to Northern Mindanao.

There are so many things for you to do when you’re here in  Cagayan de Oro. From fun time frolicking in the beaches, to sports adventures and street parties, you can definitely experience it in this city. Cagayan de Oro is very well known as the White Water Rafting capital of the Philippines too.

You can also try zorbing and have some fun splashing on zipline across the pool!


Whether its for business or leisure, there is something for you to enjoy here in CDO!