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Family Getaways: Holiday Villas Outside of Asia

Choosing a destination for a family vacation is a major choice. How much will it cost to get there? Where are we going to stay? What are we going to do once we’re there? Fortunately, there are locations that take care of a lot of these issues, including the problem with needing to rent extra rooms if too many people are coming. Located all around the world, in some of the best locations to be found, holiday villas offer space, selection, comfort, and a wide variety of amenities and other features for every family.

[View of Iro Royal, a luxury villa on the island of Crete, Greece]

Perched on the hills of Crete, an island inhabited for most of modern history, Iro Royal is a Greek villa with a distinctive cultural flair. Featuring the vivid landscape of the Mediterranean, this villa showcases views of ravines and lakes, shoreline and sea, and offers quick access to exciting cultural areas like archeological digs and local villages. Built with three bedrooms, this villa offers the space to host even a fairly large family in comfort and style, whether they’re enjoying the pool and Jacuzzi or looking to relax indoors. Mere minutes from the beach, Iro Royal offers plenty of nearby entertainment to help the whole family have fun.

[View of Reserva Conchal Bougainvillea Group, a luxury villa in Costa Rica]

Nestled between a beautiful forest and the Pacific ocean, these Costa Rica villas provide stunning views of the surrounding area while providing room for all the family, all at an astoundingly low rate that helps make the trip easily affordable. Located south of Santa Rosa National Park, this set of three-bedroom villas built in Spanish Colonial style combine the features of a modern resort with a style that suits the local area. Features include a beachfront pool, gourmet restaurant, fitness center, spa, whirlpool, business center, golf course, aromatherapy, and even a private chef (among many other features), all of which combine to help give each guest the greatest possible vacation experience in this scenic Central American country. With a variety of room rentals for families of many sizes, the Bougainvillea condominiums of Reserva Conchal resort are a great choice at any time.

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