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The Do’s & Dont’s of Passing Through London’s King Cross

London King’s Cross railway station is a hub of constant activity. Trains carrying what amounts to thousands of passengers arrive and depart at King’s Cross from all over the country at constant, steady pace all day long. It can get hectic and crowded, even with the very recently completed departures hall located directly across from St. Pancras International Station. 

If you’re leaving London via King’s Cross, a good rule of thumb is to get there in time to reach your train without rushing, but don’t arrive too early. Since the station is always busy, it’s hard to find a place to sit and wait, especially if you’re carrying luggage for a long journey. While it might be tempting to get there early in order to have a meal, coffee, or other refreshments, it might be better to pick something up on the way to King’s Cross and enjoy it on your train journey. Otherwise, you may spend all of that extra free time looking for a place to sit! Don’t forget that you’ll need to pass your ticket through the barriers in order to get to your train. Wait close to the barriers and beat the rush as the platform is announced.

If you’re coming to London via King’s Cross, then be aware that you’ll need to have your ticket ready to go as you get off the train, since there are barriers in place at departures as well. Try to follow the flow of traffic and keep an eye on any luggage you might have, not only to protect yourself from thieves, but to ensure that you don’t trip up yourself or anyone else as you’re trying to leave the station!

Even with more trains and more frequent service, you may find that it’s more convenient for you to stay overnight near King’s Cross. The station shuts after the last trains arrive and depart, and doesn’t reopen until the early morning, so don’t plan on sleeping in the station! There are hotels and hostels in the area, but perhaps the best and cheapest is the King’s Cross hotel from Travelodge. Prices can be very reasonable and they offer early check-ins or late check-outs, making your entire train journey a breeze.

Travelling via King’s Cross doesn’t have to be a hassle! With planning and forethought, you’ll be sailing through the station and onto your destination with no problems at all.

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