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Tuesday Travels (Local Food) Swiss Fondue Chinoise

This whole month of August theme for Tuesday Travels will feature some travel photos of food. So here’s my entry for this week. A special dish from Switzerland where my mom is currently working and living with. And since this blog also features different cultures and traditions from other country, this Swiss Specialty called the Swiss Fondue Chinoise is one of the best examples that I would like to share to all of you.

Fondue comes from the French verb which means melting. This is right for cheese fondues or chocolate Fondues, where you melt something to get a creamy mass into which you can dip things on a long fork.

a Swiss Fondue Chinoise is a thinly sliced, rolled beef (or other meat) cooked in broth

with different sauces cocktail sauce, garlic sauce, mexican sauce etc.

Fun Fact: Did you know that I was asking and begging my mom to cook some of their food specialty so I can post some photos here in my blog? ^_^

Thanks to my ever supportive mom because she agreed on it and she decided to prepare it for their dinner together with my younger sister. It’s just too bad that I can’t taste and eat it. Grrrr… but anyway, I hope next time I get the chance to eat this yummy and sumptuous dish.

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